Editor’s Roundup 2014/2015

Editor’s Roundup 2014/2015


What a remarkable journey it has been. An year of discovery.

It was May 2014 was when the precursor website to convergence stride was conceptualized.  Initially, it was in the form of a blog on WordPress site (Fresh perspective).

In a short span of time, Fresh Perspective gained immense popularity among students, journalists and even celebrities. It was mainly because it addressed some of the most pressing issues (in particular counter terrorism). It was later realized that the surge in interest needs to be catered properly and so the blog-site was migrated to its new independent domain. Convergence stride was born on October 2014. Over the year, more than 50 articles were written,  creating value for visitors from all corners of the world. It developed a readership that now stands 10,000 strong. Top five countries in terms of readership are as follows:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Russia
  5. Pakistan

It is encouraging to see exponential growth but we will continually try to improve our outreach and quality of content. We take this opportunity to thank our regular visitors and encourage all to subscribe.

Let’s seize this opportunity to reflect  on some of the content that was published. Listed below are the links to the most popular articles. More articles can be accessed through archives on the side bar and the “Lighter Notes” section.

Counter Terrorism

The Boko Haram Ideology Unveiled

Understanding ISIS

Containing ISIS -The five necessary steps

Flexible Cognitive Psychology of the Taliban

Justifications of Massacre by Taliban Apologists

What Pakistan must do to weed out terrorism?

David Haines, A Legacy of Peace and Unity


Sustainable Karachi: Water Conservation

Economic Growth not the Panacea

11 steps for Mosques on way to a Greener future

Islamic world

Siege of Mecca: The precursor to 911 and ISIS

The Five Great Western Mujahid’s of Recent Times

Erasing Islamic Heritage

Freedom of Speech: Charlie Hebdo aftermath

Food for Thought: A lecture on diet by Humza Yusuf

10 Pearls of Wisdom From Scholar Imran Hosein

10 Unique views of scholar Javed Ghamidi

The crisis of Muslim leadership

Ark of the Covenant, the mystery continues

Muslims’ Attitude Toward Dogs


War of Mindsets: Conspiracy Theorist Vs Factualist

The “Blood Moon” Conspiracies

The Khazar Conspiracy

The Sea of Galilee Prophecy

The letter that predicted three world wars

Gold Standard

Gold Standard Vs FIAT Currency: The inevitable clash

Why China and Russia are increasing gold reserves?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Gold Standard


The Ticking “Diet Bomb” in Pakistan

A message for Pakistani youth stuck in a rut

Aamir Liaquat Hussain; the epitome of sickness in Pakistani Society

Malala Nobel Prize: An Accolade that Divides the Nation

Book Review: “Niklay Teri Talash Mein” (Setting off in your pursuit) by Mustansar Hussain Tarar

Peshawar School Massacre, the death knell of Taliban

Pakistan Cricket: The fall from grace

FACE OFF: David Cameron Vs Nawaz Sharif

Addressing Atheism

Over Reliance on God? Nietzsche rescued by Iqbal

Both Atheism and Theism lead further behind?

Why Richard Dawkins fails to convince?


Convergence stride is now taking time-off for a month and will be back with even more exciting and original posts.

Although 2014/15 was a breakthrough year but we can assure the readers that their support will not be taken for granted. There were a total of 54 posts (averaging one per week). However these were published sporadically. Bulk of the posts could be traced around December time.

In the coming year, God willing, the site will seek to deliver articles consistently. We will endeavour to provide you with powerful analytical and well researched content that will be original and valuable. Knowledge is power. Let’s seek it together.

Site users will be encouraged to know that the outlook of the website will undergo the knife. Arrangement of the site and navigation through it will be hopefully more engaging and intuitive. Our registered readers can look forward to a free eBook,  “Growing your platform organically” that will be published soon.

With the gratitude for auld lang syne and hopes for a prosperous future.