Aamir Liaquat Hussain; the epitome of sickness in Pakistani Society

Aamir Liaquat Hussain; the epitome of sickness in Pakistani Society


Just when the term “quack doctor” was losing ground in contemporary discourse, out came Aamir Liaquat Hussain to revive it in all its glory.  The self-professed medical doctor has been disgracing our television screens for almost a decade. He rose to prominence through “Aalim online”, a theological program on Geo but his fame rocketed to stellar heights with his Ramadan shows.

Impossible to Ignore Aamir Liaquat
Impossible to Ignore Aamir Liaquat

His program format was simple; turn the spirit of Ramadan on its head and provide circus entertainment at a time, when the showbiz industry takes a back step. The role of ringmaster was tailored made for Liaquat who not only relishes the limelight but also likes to crack a whip every now and then. From then on started what could be classified not as a catalogue of errors but plethora of broadcasting crimes.

With his newly found fame, Mr Liaquat kept pushing the envelope, so much so that now he openly exudes colourful language full of sexual innuendos in religious programs on primetime television. The media in Pakistan, being still in its infancy, is alien to the concept of television watershed. Even if it wasn’t, no barrier is high enough confine him, as he said himself while fist pumping in a suggestive way. His gesticulation, in the west, put mildly would translate as “up yours!”.  Lo and behold! he doesn’t need to disguise his sexual innuendos anymore. “Every Pakistani has a third hockey stick and would bash you (India) with it” was his latest pearl in front of a live audience. One would only wish it was a gaffe, but is was nothing but planned and deliberate.

This is not however the more serious of his crimes. His getting away with murder is (literally). Not once but twice, the venomous tirade on his program has been followed up by cold blooded murder of members from Ahmadiya community.  Interestingly, a defensive statement is never issued let alone an apology. What usually follows is a blitzkrieg attack on his critics.

Unfortunately, Mr Liaquat so far has not been taken seriously, by the intelligentsia or the regulating bodies. On occasions, there would be an outpour against him on social media, but those at the helm take his shenanigans with a pinch of salt. His every callous move so far has gone unchecked.

In the recent controversy that surrounded Junaid Jamshed, he spared no nuance of derogation on someone he takes as his Ramadan-show rival. He lashed out and even dragged Junaid’s deceased mother in his pit of vile. All this making  our primetime TV entertainment and all this after his own infamous videos had leaked. Talk about pot calling the kettle black, this is coal calling the kettle black.

He is the epitome of the sickness in our society. Whenever he gets away with his rants, no one but us are to be blamed. He knows that there is no system of impeachment in Pakistan and he is simply exploiting it.

Dr Israr, a prominent scholar once said that the perversion of religion is to emphasize on petty matters and give importance to trivial things such that the true spirit of religion of lost. People might be up in arms about some video made 8000 miles away but fail to see toxins being poured in their religion in their own backyard.  His popularity has poisoned his own mind to the point of delusion. And this again is another symptom of sickness. Mr Liaquat is sadly not the only one, our so called defence analysts and even engineers like Agha Waqar, who couldn’t find their way with a torch  are being touted as National heroes. How paradoxical can it be that in a society that is getting intolerant by the day, not only puts up with Mr Liaquat’s increasing follies but celebrates them.

With a person that went on from distributing gift vouchers to babies, being constantly aired on national television, one can only cringe and wonder, when and how will he eclipse himself again? Because sadly, he will.