Free Ebook for Convergence Stride community

Free Ebook for Convergence Stride community

How to organically grow your platform
 "How to organically grow your platform" Free Ebook
“How to organically grow your platform” Ebook

Greetings all, Peace and blessings!

To all our loyal members of Convergence Stride, we are giving away today the Ebook as promised. The book is titled “How to organically grow your platform”.

The book serves as a guide to those who would like to set up their business online (blog/eshop/niche site).

It should be noted that more an more businesses are leveraging the power of internet.  It provides user the power to find the right information/product in the right place at the right time.

Although there are young individuals raking millions of dollars through blogging alone, but one has to realize that they do provide value to their followers. Their content may be something banal but it does carry an entertainment value for their followers

Thus the core idea of the this book is to not only create just a platform but one that focuses on the customer requirement. Only than will your online platform thrive and organically grow. Rather than going for creating content and hoping it to get viral, readers of the book are encouraged to take the more organic approach of creating value.

The book also touches on monetization of your online platform as well as good maintenance practices.

Note that the book is not a step by step guide but more of a document that helps in managing expectations. It is well known that every 6 seconds, a blog is created. However it is also well known that more than 80% online platforms are abandoned before they make their first $100. This book will help nudge the readers in the direction of remaining 20%.

Although subscription is not necessary but it will be appreciated. Subscribers will be prompted about new versions of this book and any other relevant updates.

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The book can be downloaded from this link
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