Editor’s Round up 2015/2016

Editor’s Round up 2015/2016


Greetings, Peace be upon you all.

Another season comes to an end. Convergence stride has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow. As promised, that site had a major overhaul in its outlook. We thank Musab Junaidi, who contributed with Newsmag theme. The site’s appearance today gives it a more authentic and professional feel. As many of you have pointed out it does  miss the warmth of the old Simone theme but given that the site evolved from a blog to a magazine, the current appearance is more suited to its content.

There have been over 50 articles published over the course of the year. Some of them gained traction head and shoulders above the others.  Some of these popular article are mentioned below.

In May 2015, an article that became the bedrock of the traffic on the site was published. Time travel in the Quran, continues to inspire people of many faiths. It has been the most shared article with nearly 5000 shares on Facebook alone.

In June the article focusing on the commercialization of Ramazan was much appreciated and so was the piece on the Moon sighting controversy within Muslims.

Dr. Israr’s lecture on the levels of consciousness  was captured in the article “How Sigmund Freud explained and Islamic Concept?”. The article went viral in the student community. Dr. Israr’s own revolution theory was also condensed and presented in August. Scholar Javed Ghamidis lecture on clash of civilization was translated the same month.

This was followed up by “Hassan Nisar philosophy” in September that resonated with Pakistani readers.

A brief biography of Noman Ali Khan, a popular Islamic preacher was captured in an article published in October. Some of the criticisms levelled against him were also answered.

In November two articles captured significant level of interest . The article on the concept of Riba in Islam focused on some key  points that are overlooked when formulating an Islamic economic system. Although controversial but “Extensive criticism on Hizbut Tahrir” article got people talking.

In December 2015 the piece that explored the differences between Deobandi, Barelvi and Ahle Hadith sect was published. It continues to educate people interested in the topic of Islam in the subcontinent. Cometh Janury 2016, Aliens in the Quran was posted. It  was a follow up on a series of articles published on Islam’s connection with cosmology. In February 11 articles were rolled out. The most significant of these were the chapters on the Guide to De-radicalization of Muslim youth. In March 2016,  the remaining chapters were released.

We will endeavour to bring you many more impactful articles in the future (God Willing).  Thank you for being part of CS community. We would also like to thank Ms Kanza Aijaz for her valuable contributions. Talal Hassan Siddiqui also deserves a mention for his satirical piece that added more colour to the content.