Platform development and growth Ebook coming soon

Platform development and growth Ebook coming soon


Since its official launch in October 2014, Convergence Stride community has grown steadily.  Today the website attracts thousands of keen readers every month.  Over time, the growth of Convergence Stride has taught us the art of platform building. We were able to note what clicked with the audience and what did not. And more importantly what clicked with the search engines and what did not.

The nature of Convergence Stride is scholastic. The content furthers education and research. The site does not churn out tailored viral content, that does not create any value for the audience other than entertainment. However, if one aim to create viral content, than knowledge of content that truly resonates with the audience is vital.

In today’s world, the value of a strong individual platform cannot be highlighted enough. A platform can be anything, from a blog, a book, a pub

Ebook on Blogging
Ebook HTOGYB out in June, 2016

lishing house, a twitter account ,  a video channel or even a Facebook page.  A strong platform does not only provide an opportunity to propagate ideas to a wider audience but can also be setup to create a passive income stream. For some,  it provides “accessibility” (explained later).

A strong platform and a faithful legion of followers can open the door to a plethora of opportunities. Take for example popular travel bloggers. These folks are invited by tourism boards of many countries as guest.  Their all expenses covered, all luxuries paid for. It done only to put in a good word to their audience.

Similarly, popular bloggers get red carpet receptions and access (more than journalist could imagine) to mingle with movers and shakers. People have made career out of their own platforms. Today many Youtubers  make more money in an year than many would make in a lifetime.  From politicians to charities,  all of them need a thriving platform.

Ebook Preview

The internet is a giant popularity contest. It is not necessary  tough to have the largest megaphone in order to grab attention. To make a successful platform, consistent effort in the right direction is required.

The insights and lessons gained in building the CS platform have been distilled in an Ebook that will be available to our readers for free.  All we need is your email address (which will never be given out to a third party).

The ebook is titled “How to organically grow your platform”. It will feature the core philosophy on building a podium that stands out to an audience of millions.  The book is not a step by step guide, but a more deeper, insightful tool that focuses on the core ideology of platform development. It covers the stages of creation, development, maintenance and monetization.

The ebook will be available in June 2016 , so watch out for this space.