Why feminism needs revision


The definition of the term ” Bunker Mentality” is as follows:

“An attitude of extreme defensiveness and self-justification based on an often exaggerated sense of being under persistent attack from others.”

As a consequence of keeping bunker mentality, over time one gets alienated and far removed from the truth and reality.

It is a psyche that is reactionary and as such leads to regressive, not progressive behaviour.

We can see the examples of bunker mentality in many forms today. It is this mentality that has not only given ISIS their  Raison d’Etre but also their motivation. The group has a cult like existence and the followers  find reasons to alienate themselves in search of a distinct identity. The process perpetuates into a viscous circle till such movements become fringe and eventually fizzle out. In their last phases, they get further unmoored from reality,  the sense of loss perishes and nihilistic ideas takeover. And so, their path to extinction, becomes a  trail of collateral damage.

The third wave feminist movement  is certainly taking the same trajectory. Their efforts are not in service of women anymore. In fact it can be even argued that they are damaging women’s cause. Their ideologue, narrative and actions are taking them away from the real pertinent issues. Two cases in point are the recent “Slut Walk” movement and “Bare the breast” campaign.

The Slut walk started as a response to comments made by a single Canadian police officer. Every year bevies of semi nude women parade in many cities of the world. They are cheered on by the very men, these women want to put their point across. Needless to say they neither party is getting each other.

How does slut walk end rape? and more importantly, how would it not  strain the relationship between genders?

Does it not make the women question themselves, “Is this event there to empower us or to debase us?”. Think from a human perspective. Think dignity.

It is indeed the bunker mentality that is settling in the modern feminist movement. It is evident through the narrative of the “rape culture” existing in the age we are living in. Let’s be very clear here that rape is abhorrent. Nothing can justify it.

And furthermore we are not living in an age where rape is widely accepted. We are not living in an age where rape is celebrated, as the modern wave of feminist would have you believe. Isolated examples cannot be generalized.

It is not be suggested that more work on this abhorrent crime should not be done. In fact much more meaningful steps need to be taken but “Slut Walk” in my opinion is not the answer. On the contrary, it can be argued that rape exists in the modern times because of overt sexualization of society.

Lets set a premise. Men and Women have their distinct characteristics. Their  hormones are different, their chemistry is different and to an extent their brains also function differently.  We need to understand each other, including our psychological behaviour. We need to dress up our societal functions accordingly. We cannot do this if we ignore our reality in its entirely.

We should learn that actions that collectively debase any gender do not make the actions right even if they are carried out of liberty and choice.

It should be remembered that the right of choice does not equate to the choice being right.

Technology and the effect on the iGeneration

The Brain Re -wired
The Brain Re -wired

A mother stands leaning against the kitchen shelf, multitasking between replying to her emails on her phone and following an Italian recipe on her iPad. All this happens while she has given her toddler son his own iPad who sits on the rug right beside the kitchen where she can keep an eye at him.

But can she really keep a look out for her child? Is she really in a position to monitor every step her child takes with a preoccupied mind? How about the constant stimulation the child is getting when he could rather be interacting with nature? This, in no way, implies that a mother who gives an iPad to her child is a bad mother, but rather a discourse of the repercussions of technology on the iGeneration. This generation has been suffused with electronic media, while it may be a prerogative of the rich; the recent affordability of the technology makes it for the masses as well.

Celtic Fans Brave up for Palestine

100s of Palestinian Flags waved in Celtic Park
100s of Palestinian Flags waved in Celtic Park

Defiance against the tyranny is one of the most powerful display of the human spirit.

From David (PBUH) against Goliath to the lone man standing in front of the tanks in Tienanmen square, defiance in all its form from outright confrontational  to protracted subtle (Mandela’s resistance), epitomizes the most spirited form of human endeavor.

On 17th August 2016, something awe inspiring happened. And it happened in the most unlikeliest of places. A football stadium is rarely a place for political posturing, and yet hundreds of Celtic fans displayed exactly that.

Free Ebook for Convergence Stride community

How to organically grow your platform
 "How to organically grow your platform" Free Ebook
“How to organically grow your platform” Ebook

Greetings all, Peace and blessings!

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Although there are young individuals raking millions of dollars through blogging alone, but one has to realize that they do provide value to their followers. Their content may be something banal but it does carry an entertainment value for their followers

Thus the core idea of the this book is to not only create just a platform but one that focuses on the customer requirement. Only than will your online platform thrive and organically grow. Rather than going for creating content and hoping it to get viral, readers of the book are encouraged to take the more organic approach of creating value.

The book also touches on monetization of your online platform as well as good maintenance practices.

Note that the book is not a step by step guide but more of a document that helps in managing expectations. It is well known that every 6 seconds, a blog is created. However it is also well known that more than 80% online platforms are abandoned before they make their first $100. This book will help nudge the readers in the direction of remaining 20%.

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Who is Yasir Qadhi?

Yasir Qadhi
Yasir Qadhi in an interview

Yasir Qadhi is one of the most prominent scholars of Islam in the world today. In recent times, Muslims have seen their theological scholarship shifting towards the western world. Many  scholars from  USA and UK have helped to put the focus back on the lost trait in Islamic studies of focusing on subtleties. It is the ability to closely examine the nuances which is getting blurry, the main cause of which is a  world that is getting polarized.  Among the same breed of Scholars is Yasir Qadhi, who has managed to retain the purity of religion and at the same time contextualized it for the modern mind.