The first step towards peace and more importantly sustainable peace is increasing our understanding of the issues and challenges faced by the world today.

Convergence Stride” aims to develop a better understanding on problems that affect the world in general and the Muslim community in particular.

Every problem brings forth an opportunity. The whole world at present is facing  numerous challenges,  ranging from economic lapses, social unrest & environmental disasters. To find possible solutions to these, sometimes a fresh approach and out of the box thinking is needed.

In times when both sides of the argument seem to be failing and a dichotomous approach (exploitative capitalism and enslaving communism) is presenting a false choice, Convergence Stride seeks a fresh perspective and an alternate view.

Convergence Stride takes the inspiration for its name from chapter 2  verse 148 of the Quran:

“For each [religious following] is a direction towards which it faces. So race to [all that is] good. Wherever you may be, Allah will bring you forth [for judgement] all together. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent.”

Convergence Stride is a UK based organization.

Contact us through email: convergencestride@gmail.com

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