Food for Thought: A lecture on diet by Humza Yusuf

Food for Thought: A lecture on diet by Humza Yusuf


Did you know that early Muslims were semi vegetarian?

The only time meat was consumed was when a guest arrived, an animal would then be sacrificed in the honour of the guest to prepare a feast.

Did you also know that Umar (R.A) banned the consumption of meat on consecutive days (Bab Al Lahm, Muwatta Malik)?

Humza Yusuf sheds light: “Meat is not a necessity in sharia, and in the old days most Muslims used to eat meat – if they were wealthy, like middle class – once a week on Friday. If they were poor – on the Eids.”

Contrary to the popular belief, there was a Sahabi who was a complete vegetarian. Being a vegetarian therefore was not considered un-Islamic.

Humza Yusuf, one of the distinguished scholars of our time delivers an enlightening lecture that will change your diet, if not your life:

Humza Yusuf: Food for thought

A recent study revealed that the consumption of meat to be the highest in Muslim community. The average expenditure on meat made up 30% of the money spent on food by Muslims. Compared to non-Muslims, the total expenditure on meat made up only 13% of their food budget.

This over consumption has resulted in the rise of all kinds of diseases, most notable of which is Cancer. The Muslim community needs to take steps for systematically reducing the consumption of meat not only for their own sake but also for the environment.

We have to return to wholesome, nutritious and soulful food.

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