Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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A Guide to De-radicalization of Muslim Youth-Part1-Introduction

Muslim De-radicalization guide
A Guide to De-radicalization of Muslim Youth-part 1

2015 was a turbulent year. Major catastrophes most of them man-made wreaked havoc across the globe. With territorial gains, Daesh emerged as a formidable challenge to all the world. It was borne out of an ideology that is repugnant to most people  and yet has a an appeal to a certain segment of the society.  Daesh, since its inception has been bolstered by  a lone wolf attacks. The organization has cashed in on the publicity from these attacks not only  boost its recruitment drive but also announce its reign of terror. From the shooting at Canadian parliament, the Tunisian beach massacre, to  the carnage on the streets of Paris, all carried out by individuals who had pledged allegiance to Daesh. There is no hiding the fact that carrying out those attacks were young men. Young muslim men.

From Plentiful to an Emptier world


As the middle class grows around the world and as the population becomes more urbanized we as a species are adopting some new habits and discarding old ones. The troubling fact is the practices being adopted today unfortunately do not have the concept of sustainability at their core. Prudence is lost idea and our collective and individual long-sightedness is getting blurry each passing day.

Cities are growing at an enormous rate. Tokyo for instance has grown 3 times in population within a generation’s time. In China, over 32 million people are moving to cities every year. To put this in perspective, this mass influx of people into Chinese cities is nearly half the population of UK  getting urbanized in one country alone. With this move comes the exponential rise in energy usage.  An urban carbon footprint dwarfs its rural counterpart. And sadly, the more we need, the more we waste.

Timeline for Scholars of Islam Infographic

Scholars of Islam Chronology
Timeline for Scholars of Islam

In this info-graphic, names of a few notable scholars of Islam have been listed chronologically.

It should be noted that many scholars have not been mentioned here in. These include the four righteous caliphs  Abu Bakr as Siddiq (R.A), Umar bin Khattab (R.A),  Usman bin Affan (R.A), Ali bin Abi Talib (R.A). This is because their roles were not just confined to scholarly services.

Readjusting to Your Home Country


Adjustment is a methodical process. There are steps to complete, which, once completed, not always in the same order, will let you be in a position to say you have been “adjusted” to a situation, place, or people. It is a natural process and inbuilt in almost every living being.

I am 24 turning 25, finished with my postgraduate, working woman – and I am currently in the process of readjusting back into my own country. I never thought there was such a concept as “readjusting” to the place you have lived 23 years of your life at. You carry out the exercise once in your life for a particular situation, human or place, but my point of view has been massacred since the five months I have been back home.

Now in uninteresting news….

Uninteresting News
Uninteresting News

“Today, in Pakistan 532,400 motorbike riders drove responsibly without violating any traffic laws and reached their destinations safely. About 2,081 couples got married peacefully without a single shot being fired from either family. Nearly 758,000 government employees spent the day working and not protesting on the streets. Malaria, Tuberculosis and Smallpox are some of the many diseases that did not claim a single life today. In the world of sports, today no player used any kind of banned performance enhancing drugs. Let’s take a look at entertainment news. One hundred percent of celebrity couples that the people would like to read about, are still married. There hasn’t even been any hint of a troubled relationship that we could report. That is it for today. Don’t for get to tune it tomorrow, same time, for the daily round up of uninteresting news.”

Would you tune in tomorrow night if this was today’s broadcast? Probably not. But you should.