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All you need to know about Zakat al Fitr (Sadaqa Fitr)


Zakat al Fitr is a charity given towards the end of Ramadan to the needy. The spirit of this charity is to compensate for any discrepancies that may have occurred while an individual was fasting during the month of Ramadan. The discrepancies can be the bad use of  tongue (foul language), rancour or behaviour that takes one away from the station of piety.  One of the main purposes  of this act of charity is for the impoverished in the society to enjoy the day of Eid and not be worried about their meals.

Platform development and growth Ebook coming soon


Since its official launch in October 2014, Convergence Stride community has grown steadily.  Today the website attracts thousands of keen readers every month.  Over time, the growth of Convergence Stride has taught us the art of platform building. We were able to note what clicked with the audience and what did not. And more importantly what clicked with the search engines and what did not.

The nature of Convergence Stride is scholastic. The content furthers education and research. The site does not churn out tailored viral content, that does not create any value for the audience other than entertainment. However, if one aim to create viral content, than knowledge of content that truly resonates with the audience is vital.

How to prepare for Summer Ramadan

Dates used widely in Ramadan
Dates: Simple, wholesome nutrition

The month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar has been falling in the summer months for the past few years. With almost a 10 day shift of the moth every year through the Gregorian calendar, it is set to fall in the summer for at least the next six years.  Ramadan is observed by millions of Muslims across the far corners of the globe, from Dunedin (45°S, New Zealand) to Bergen (60 °N, Norway).  During the current and proceeding years,  there are certain challenges for Muslims living above the latitudes of 45° degree in the Northern Hemisphere.

Firstly, the timings of the fast can be more than 18 hours. Secondly, all high latitude countries are places where no legislation or privilege exits for reduced working hours during Ramadan.

Editor’s Round up 2015/2016


Greetings, Peace be upon you all.

Another season comes to an end. Convergence stride has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow. As promised, that site had a major overhaul in its outlook. We thank Musab Junaidi, who contributed with Newsmag theme. The site’s appearance today gives it a more authentic and professional feel. As many of you have pointed out it does  miss the warmth of the old Simone theme but given that the site evolved from a blog to a magazine, the current appearance is more suited to its content.

There have been over 50 articles published over the course of the year. Some of them gained traction head and shoulders above the others.  Some of these popular article are mentioned below.

Novel Solution to Karachi’s Water Shortage


Karachi, a thriving port city, a sprawling metropolis that is showing no signs of arrest in population growth. It already houses a population of 23.5 million, a number that nearly equals the entire population of Australia.  No wonder the city  is called mini –Pakistan. The metropolis faces many problems like crime, politically sanctioned gangs,   dearth of mass transport and shortage of power. However a more serious threat to its implosion is the issue of water shortage.  Water is the juice of life.  The very surprising fact that population has grown exponentially over the years despite water scarcity entails within it some grim details.