11 soundtracks to help you write great content

11 soundtracks to help you write great content


Writing articles particularly when deadlines have to met can be mentally taxing. Michael Hyatt, one of the biggest names in publishing industry is a prolific writer himself and posts at least two articles a week. In one of his podcasts, he shared a few tips of the trade.  He mentions that the thought process regarding an article should starts weeks earlier. One has to come up with a topic and plant its seed in their mind. The sub-conscience then automatically nurture  it.

He also mentions that thinking about a topic when your mind is passively engaged in another activity is extremely beneficial. Driving on an clear highway, taking a shower or playing golf are activities during which thinking on your article can yield great dividends.  But most importantly he mentioned that playing music during your typing process can really add extra yards to the pace of your writing. He further elaborates that  soundtracks with lyrics are not as helpful as plain music as words can be a distraction.

The objective of playing music is to lift your emotive self to a state of higher sensitivity and brew your passion. This heightening of senses and flow of passion feeds  into your write up, which can be the difference in content that is magical or one that is a damp squib.

It has to be mentioned that for some people absence of sound brings clarity of thoughts. Thus listening to music while writing may not suit everyone and that has been the traditional wisdom.

The modern brain however is hardwired differently and has to be stimulated through triggers on occasions. It is proven the music lights up certain neurons that are otherwise dormant. It can also help jog memories. Featured below are links to 11 soundtracks that have been found helpful  in writing articles by the Convergence Stride community.

For uplifting content

 James Horner: Apollo 13 Splashdown

Harold Faltermeyer Topgun: Cleared To Fly

Hans Zimmer: The Contender

For  deep and mystical content

Hans Zimmer: Intersteller

Paul Maunsey North

 Yaani Nightingale

 For nostalgic content

Jerry Goldsmith: Its a long road

Hans Zimmer Chevalier de Sangreal

For hard hitting content

Hans Zimmer: Watchful Guardian

Ennio Marricone:  Chi Mai

Steve Jablonsky: My name is Lincoln

Hans Zimmer features heavily in the list. Most of his soundtracks will help add zestful energy in your content.

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  1. Or just Google an Hans Zimmer playlist and put on repeat.

    Or put Interstellar OST on repeat. There is something mystical about the Interstellar OST.